Monday, August 31, 2009

Waste Of Canvas

So i dont really like this piece but its a break from my super dark pieces so people reacted very well to it, still dont plan on finishing it though =b

72x72 in 6x6 feet, Acrylic on Wasted Canvas


  1. It's not bad. As usual its central, maybe try something different next time. Kristina looks pretty good but the whole thing is lacking shadows. I would use the deep red/black Alex Kanevsky uses, you have a ittle bit of it in the shadows of the wall.

    The floor looks good but the wall is too unfinished, and the colors dont work as well on the wall as they do in the floor. If you just put shadows everything would be grounded and would look way better. Dont give up and good luck!

    Much Love

  2. I agree with your brother, I also think that the colors are entirely to unsaturated and pastely. Everything blends in and nothing stands out. I'm not sure if that is because your using acrylic but i doubt it. I'm also unsure about the composition, the pose of the model and so on. You have this huge square canvas with nothing really dominating your attention. I would have liked the figure to have been off to the side and then crazy hazy perspective... which i think that is what you were going for.

    I know you don't want to work on this anymore and I'm not telling you too keep working on it. I'm giving this advise so you can keep it in mind for your next painting. I also see an attempt to mix in different layers of color everywhere and since it wasn't bold enough or the colors were not right its not working. I think bold rich colors work best with your style.

    props on trying something different, I think its good that you tried something new even if it did not work out than if you had stayed in a safety zone. I think if you want to try something Kanevsky-ish you should try out some perspective filled interiors. I don't think this was a waist at all, I learn the most from my mistakes.