Monday, September 7, 2009

Paper Bag

i'll be doing another piece similar to this one for my second homework assignment that has to be in black and white.

17.5x21.5 inches, graphite & white acrylic on cardboard


  1. B8
    “Paper Bag”
    In my piece, the paper bag represents myself and the conflict of choosing how I want to balance my life between work and play. The paper bag has something inside that has many cables reaching out, the cables represent my mind and how it is trying to take control of its surroundings. The bag is alone and is surrounded by cables because recently in my life I have been exiling myself to my work and not “getting out much”. The bus area in the back represents my past who is a person that always wanted to going out and doing things with friends. Certain cables are reaching out toward the busy area because a part of me wants and tries to have fun amongst others and out of its own space though most of the cables are near the bag in its own space and not sharing it with anything else. To push the meaning further one cable is ripping out of the bag because I have been doing so much on my own that it is adding to the clutter of the cables.
    The reason I chose to use cardboard was because I felt it gave the bag more of a home since it is its own tone. I chose pencil and white paint because I wanted the bag to stay in its home and to be able to just work around that tone. The composition [explained above] was chosen for symbolic reasons. The angle makes the bag seem in a way confused since it is not an above or below shot the bag isn’t characterized as weak or strong just in between. The size allowed for both detail and more precise cross-hatching. The double lighting creates lots of different lights and shadows that allow depth to show a lot.