Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bee Farm Paintings

So i speant 3 days of fun and paint at Bee Heaven Farm Residency and tried mango out and did some out door painting for once [and only once] with the concept based on how human and nature interaction isnt always destructive as most people portray so heres what i got out of it


  1. I see that the bathrooms are back, but when did you paint outside scott? Were was I when that happened?
    Everything looks great. I'm sure you not done with the last one but don't forget to add the cool hues, the truck looks much better now that you added the purples, can't wait to see it done.

  2. The port-o-potty one looks a lot better. Great job. :)

    I still think you should have detailed the grass and trees though. I know you wanted the focus to be on the tractors, but it's the opposite. My eyes are drawn to the loose brush strokes of the surrounding landscape, instead of the tractors details... The top one isn't so bad, but you should go back to the bottom one.

  3. Hmm. I agree with jessy...and I think you should add more: saturation, creaminess, richness, and smoothness. :)

  4. lol i was going to but i ran out of rachels yellow and i couldnt but i think i dont want to work on them anymore [EVER] but im sure well go camping someday and work on newer ones

  5. You should. You need to come to my bird park and we can tree paint together, however I can't promise that we will find any tractors. :) I'm really proud of though, you did a great job with these and I'm sure that the skills you gained on this trip will show in your next painting.
    Can't wait to see what you will do at OPA. :) I'm a very strict teacher you know.