Sunday, April 26, 2009

Color Pencil Hand

Ive been doing a bunch of fine art lately since theres a week left before A.P. studio: drawing is due so im trying to get it all done and mre before the end, heres a breadth piece i did of my friends hand but as soon as our 10th grade product class finishes our dog backpacks [not fun lol]


  1. Scott,

    I think that overall, this drawing stays in the mid range too much, value wise. Pushing some forms out with some darker values will help this piee look less blurry.

    As far the vein, remember, that veins through skin don't look like veins, in fact, when you see veins through skin, you are not drawing veins, you are in fact drawing skin that pushed up by veins, so realistically, only some strategically placed marks are necessary.

    All the best, keep busting your butt,


  2. hmm. I somewhat agree with Laz. I think you would easily solve the vein problem is you added more saturation to the skin. I can still see the paper through the skin and going over the veins with a medium tone would blend them in and make them less noticeable. Don't be afraid of color and saturation, right now the light skin tone is blending in to much with the page....It might be that you had bad lighting in your shot. Perhaps a more contrasted shot would help get more value into the piece.

    You have GREAT line quality in your ID work, you should try to bring that into your fine art and make your lines less sketchy and more precise.

    but Its great, keep it up! can't wait to see your other color pencil pieces.

  3. Thanks for the advice guys just realized that i had a bad pic up so i put up the new, the darks show better in it but yea i did the vein way to liney but thinking that its pushed up skin helps majorly so thanks Laz and i need to buy premier prisma color pencils so that my verithins wont cut the paper and make it look of poor quality, thanks to the both of you